Infant & Toddler Development

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Healthy hygiene tips for the toddler years

As your baby continues to grow and develop there are so many exciting firsts to look forward to: the first tooth, the first time they crawl, first steps and first words. With all of these changes come important changes to your hygiene routine to keep your little one healthy – and we are here to help! 



Learn about how to spot the signs of teething and how brushing and good hand hygiene can help keep healthy your baby’s gums and first teeth.

Toddlers Guide To Hand Washing 200 X 200

Handwashing Steps : Toddlers guide to Handwashing

Hand washing is a simple but powerful way that can help you or your child stay healthy. Establishing healthy hand washing habits in childhood is key to helping not only your little one, but your...

Potty Training 200 X 200

Potty Training and Hygiene

Learn to recognise the signs that say your child is ready to progress to the potty and how simple hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting can keep you and your child safe from bacteria and germs.

Hygienic Feeding 200 X 200

Healthy & Hygienic Feeding

We all know that getting the right nutrition is key to baby and toddler development but so is having a hygienic feeding routine to keep nasty bugs at bay.

335 SAFE PLAY 200X200

Safe play

Follow our baby & toddler proofing tips for your home, and hygiene advice so they can play and explore safely.

Healthy Start To School 200X200

Starting school, day care or nursery

Getting your little one ready for pre-school is a big step, follow our tips for battling those back to school bugs and keep them and their play-mates healthy.

Gross Things all Kids Do

Gross Things All Kids Do

Kids. They're still figuring out the world and things like manners and hygiene. It's up to you to keep them healthy and teach them healthy habits. Because, let's face it, kids have some gross...

Cleaning Baby Toys

The Complete Guide to Cleaning Your Baby's Toys

Keeping your child's toys spotless and sanitized is one of the best yet most underrated advice for new mothers. With an underdeveloped immune system, your baby would need all the assistance he/she...

How To Clean A Baby Car Seat 200 X 200

How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

Of all the stuff you expected parenthood could be, you didn't expect ‘Learning how to clean a baby car seat’ will ever make it to the list. However, you don’t have to fret – this task isn't one...

Classroom Supplies 200 X 200

Classroom Supplies you must pack with your child

  • Some parents feel exasperated when lists come home with the kids asking for classroom supplies,. Even if you can only afford to donate some small classroom supplies you have around the...

Hand Wash Advice 200 X 200

Baby Care : 5 important steps in baby care

Your precious tiny tot will have a happy and healthy infancy if you follow important hygiene guidelines for both yourself and the baby.

Bringing your child home from the hospital is a...

Six Reasons Why Children Need Extra Protection 200 X 200

Six reasons why children need extra protection in today’s world

My children often complain that I overreact when it comes to protecting them from germs, however being a mother of two, I know that your child falling sick is always an unpleasant and unfortunate...

Five New Challenges Every Modern Mom Is Facing 200 X 200

Five new challenges every Modern Mom is facing

Being a mother in today’s time is a challenging task. We have to deal with the regular parenting issues like our children being fuzzy about nothing, or asking thousands of questions. If that wasn’t...

Modern Technology A Modern Moms Companion 200 X 200

Modern Technology - A modern mom's companion

With the emergence of new illnesses, more resistant viruses and disease outbreaks making headlines, it is no wonder that we feel anxious and concerned about our family’s health all the time. And as...

Why Mothers Today Have Developed A Hygiene Obsession 200 X 200

Why mothers today have developed a hygiene obsession

Every mother knows that she needs to constantly stay aware and alert to the changing times for the safety of her children. Panicked by the increasing number of illnesses, I have turned into the...

Be Mindful Of These 4 Outdoor Surfaces Your Child 200 X 200

Be mindful of these 4 outdoor surfaces your child probably touches often

All of us commute through public places on a daily basis, and we are completely informed about the health hazards such places pose because of the number of random people we come in contact with....

Hand Wash Advice 200 X 200

4 'Germ Hotspots' in your home, which you never imagined could affect your child’s health

All of us are careful to avoid touching objects, and surfaces outside our homes as far as possible. And even if we do touch any or come in contact with any of them, we make it a point to thoroughly...

5 Surfaces At School That Could Cause A Health 200 X 200

5 surfaces at school that could cause a health concern for your child

Every mother is concerned about her child, and wants to ensure that he or she stays safe and away from harm. However, we all know that children will be children, and no matter how hard you try to...

New Moms Socialization Article 200X200

Fun Ideas to Teach Your Child How to Wash his/her Hands

Get the world ready for sharing toys, not germs, with this fun method for teaching hand washing.

When kids are in their play mode, they do more than just sharing toys –...


Caring for People at Home

Looking after those who are vulnerable to infection

There are many reasons why people become vulnerable to infection. The elderly and very young babies are obvious...

Healthy Hygiene Habits At School 200 X 200

Healthy hygiene habits at school

Helping to keep your children healthy at school through good hygiene.


Whether your child is starting school for the first time or returning after the holidays,...

Baby Germs 200 X 200 (1)

Teaching your child to pick Hygiene habits early in life

Teaching your child to pick Hygiene habits early in life

Teaching healthy habits for life means starting at a young age. Unfortunately, hygiene isn't a top priority for...

Bye Bye Bacteria200x200

Making cleaning a fun learning for kids

Teaching kids the importance of cleaning need not be always boring. Kids might not understand it completely, but they have a pretty fair understanding of germs. If done the right way, teaching kids...

How To Clean A Stroller200x200

How to Clean the baby’Stroller

Once you get a hang of it, you are sure to bring your baby stroller everywhere—and that would mean you picking up a wide variety of germs on your way. Sippy cups leaks, rogue bread crumbs and...

Babys Cot Mattress Cot200x200

How to Clean the Baby's Cot Mattress Cot

If you look at the amount of time your child spends sleeping, you realize his sleep environment is almost his only home. So, we don’t have to stress much on the importance of keeping the cot...

 5 Healthy Habits Kids 200X200

5 Healthy Habits kids should be taught early

Learning healthy habits for life has to start at an extremely early age. Unfortunately, kids at an early age don’t share the same enthusiasm towards hygiene. However, as parents, we can’t give up...

 Hidden Germ Spots 200X200

Seek the hidden germ spots in your house

Teaching kids the importance of cleaning need not be always boring. Kids might not understand it completely, but they have a pretty fair understanding of germs. If done the right way, teaching kids...

New Mums Programme

Young Mother’s Program

Teaching new mums healthy habits around the world

Home Hygiene Hot Spots 337 X 182

Home Hygiene Hotspots

Protect your family from diseases caused by bacteria in the home. Discover home hygiene hotspots and good hygiene solutions for a healthy home with Dettol

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