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Skin is the largest organ of a human body as it covers the entire body holding approximately 20% of the body’s water. Skin is full of lipids and proteins, which helps in keeping it healthy and moisturized. Our skin is more capable than we can actually imagine. It undertakes important health protection functions that include safeguarding us from infection and regulating our body temperature. So, it is absolutely necessary for us to take care of our skin

We often end up taking our skin for granted. In reality, our skin has four health protection functions that keep us healthy and protect us from danger.


Your skin acts as the first line of defense protecting you from the outside world. It is one of the most effective ‘natural filter’ that battles against infection and harmful bacteria.

Temperature regulation

Your skin plays an important role in keeping your body at its optimum temperature of 37°C and shielding it from extreme weather conditions. When you are feeling hot, your blood vessels dilate under the skin making your body perspire, which lowers your body temperature. Similarly, when you are feeling cold, your blood vessels under your skin constrict to lessen the blow flow, which helps maintain your core temperature by reducing heat loss.

Defence mechanism

The skin collaborates with your immune system and recognizes infectious agents, and follows it up by triggering the body’s natural defenses.

Touch and feel

There are millions of highly sensitive nerve endings in the skin that helps you in sensing heat, warmth and cold. This is the exact reason you can sense and feel what’s touching and what is against your skin. These nerve endings interact with your brain and protect your body from danger so you can feel your way across the globe.

How can Dettol help keep your skin healthy?

Hand and personal hygiene is really important in order to prevent the spread of illness and infection. Improper personal hygiene can lead to infection, skin complaints, skin infections, and unpleasant smells.

Skin is the first layer of defense that guards you from the external world and by keeping skin hygienic and moisturized, the defense wall would stay intact and general health and look of the skin will improve.

You come in contact with harmful bugs and bacteria almost every day, from using the washroom, to simply touching objects around you. Therefore, hand hygiene is absolutely important, as soiled hands and the lack of appropriate hand hygiene are the major reasons that lead to the spread of infectious diseases.

Comfortingly, Dettol safeguards you from a wide variety of illness causing germs and bacteria to ensure that you stay healthy. We have a plethora of products, from the quintessential Dettol Original, to our skincare variety and even products that keep freshness alive all day long. Check out our Products section to see the full range and find a product that suits you best.