About Germs & Illness Prevention

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All you need to know about germs and breaking the chain of infection

We have a handy guide to help you stay healthy through better hygiene.  Harmful germs and bacteria can lurk in unexpected places and we may even unwittingly contribute to their spread, so learn the basics about germs and how to prevent illness by breaking the chain of infection. 

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All About Germs

What are germs? Are all germs harmful? How do they spread? And how do germs and bacteria get into the body? We’ll answer your questions.

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Preventing disease and infection control

Concerned about germs in your home? Don’t worry, Keeping these germ hotspots clean will help protect your family from common illnesses caused by germs .

Where Germs Hide

Where Germs Hide

How You Catch a Cold: Where Do Cold, Flu & Household Germs Hide?

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Back to School Germs & Health Tips

New teacher, new friends, new knowledge – the beginning of a new school year is full of possibilities, including back to school germs. Read these back to school health tips to keep...

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How to Help Stop the Spread of Germs in Schools

With hundreds of runny noses and sticky fingers in close contact with each other, schools are hotbeds for germs. Learn how to help stop the spread of germs in schools with these...

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Tips to prevent infection

Sometimes it is just a daunting task to keep yourself and your family away from infections. It is not enough to keep the obvious runny nose and hacking cough at bay. You need to find useful and...

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Efficient way to avoid food Poisoning

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you’ll surely know how unpleasant that feeling can get. Food poisoning does not really differentiate between people who are weak or fit. It can cause serious...

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Why children fall sick more often these days

I will start by saying the obvious - mothers are always worried for their kids. Looking at the time and age we live in, we can’t blame them because children are exposed to more threats than what...

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